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Accord – Incremental peace in Afghanistan – Conciliation Resources

A radical new approach is needed in Afghanistan to build peace step-by-step. There needs to be a move beyond peace rhetoric, through a progressive, step-by-step process towards a political settlement which builds stability, confidence and legitimacy over time. The short-term objective More »

Afghanistan’s Islamic Emirate Returns: Life Under a Resurgent Taliban – world politics review

In 1992, after groups of guerrilla fighters known as mujahideen succeeded in toppling Afghanistan’s communist government, which had been backed by the Soviet Union, they quickly turned on each other, kicking off a More »


Afghanistan Election 2018 and Reconciliation process – Global Village Space

Parliamentary elections were held in Afghanistan, on 20th October 2018.  Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC), had announced parliamentary election would be held in October 2018; almost three years after the expiry of sitting parliament’s five-year mandate. Following the bitterly contested Presidential election in 2014, both candidates; President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah agreed to the major overhaul of Afghan electoral system before conducting new parliamentary elections.

United Nation’s General Secretary had highlighted the need for free and fair elections terming them necessary for Afghan political cohesion. President Ghani had vowed to hold parliamentary elections before Presidential elections slated for 2019. Total of 2650 candidates are to contest elections for 250 seats in the house of people, termed as Wolesi Jirga. Preliminary results are expected by November 10, 2018, while final results ….. Read More on Global Village Space

Pakistan confirms release of Afghan Taliban leaders – Daily Times

Pakistan on Sunday confirmed that it has released senior Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar “in line with our commitment to facilitate the peace process in Afghanistan.”

Baradar, the former Taliban deputy chief, was captured in Karachi in 2010 in a joint raid by Pakistani and US security officials at a religious school.

Taliban sources had earlier told Daily Times that Baradar and another leader, Abdul Samad, the head of Taliban logistics, were freed on Oct 24, weeks after Taliban representatives met US Special Envoy on Afghan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad in Qatar to explore ways for political solution to the conflict.

The release of prisoners is one of the confidence building measures that had been discussed during the Taliban-US talks in Qatar, according to Taliban sources. Pakistan embassy in Kabul also confirmed the release of Baradar and Abdul Samad in a brief statement sent to the Afghan and …. Read More on Daily Times

The impasse over sanctuaries – The News

It is really unfortunate to note that both US and Afghanistan continue to blame Pakistan for providing sanctuaries to terrorists on its soil and being responsible for all acts of terrorism in Afghanistan.

This is done despite the fact that Pakistan has participated in every bilateral and multilateral initiative to promote Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation in Afghanistan, and taken decisive and indiscriminate action against all the terrorists outfits based in North Waziristan. Pakistan has also initiated unilateral action to fence the Pak-Afghan border and made several overtures towards the Afghan government for cooperative efforts to deal with terrorism, and also recently concluded the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and stability (APAPPS),.

There has been re-engagement between US and Pakistan to remove the haze about the sanctuaries. Some new ground has been broken to find an amicable solution to …. Read More on The News

Pakistan acknowledges release of Taliban leader Mullah Baradar – Pakistan Today

After a silence of a few days on the release of Afghan Taliban leaders, Pakistan government on Sunday acknowledged releasing its co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar alias Mullah Baradar and two other commanders.

A spokesperson at the Pakistani diplomatic mission in Kabul officially confirmed the reports, saying besides Mullah Baradar, Mullah Abdul Samad Sani has also been released on the request of United States (US) Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad to facilitate the Afghan peace process.

The release, which was previously confirmed by a Taliban spokesperson, came after back-to-back meetings of US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Ambassador Alice Wells and Khalilzad with …. Read More on Pakistan Today

Pakistan to Attend Moscow Meeting on Afghan Peace – Tolo News

Russian media reports have said the Moscow talks will take place on November 1 but the foreign ministry has rejected this and said plans are still being made.

Pakistan will attend the planned meeting on peace in Afghanistan that is expected to take place in Moscow soon, Pakistani officials said Saturday, Pakistan’s Daily Times reported.

The Daily Times reported that senior officials would represent the country – possibly the Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua.

Originally the meeting was scheduled for September 4 in Moscow, but Afghanistan refused to attend citing that any such discussions should be Afghan-led.

When the US turned down the invitation to attend, Kabul followed suit. This came after the Taliban announced it would send a delegation to…. Read More on Tolo News

The peace of the graveyard – The News

The bloodbath that marred the parliamentary elections in Afghanistan was on the horizon. The Taliban had ‘advised’ the people to stay away from the electoral exercise, which in their eyes was part of the present ‘un-Islamic, illegitimate system’ that they are bent upon overthrowing.

With Afghanistan continuing to bleed, Washington goes on treating Islamabad as a whipping boy for the roiled nation’s slough of misery. Although a stable Afghanistan is in the interest of both its neighbours and world powers, its attainment seems like gold dust.

The US-led roadmap to restore peace and order to Afghanistan has been undergirded by three components. First, segregate the militants into the good (those prepared to part ways with Al Qaeda) and the bad (those not prepared to do so). Given the might of the Nato/US troops, the latter would …. Read More on The News

Ex-President agog after Pakistan frees Taliban leader – menafn

(MENAFN – Afghanistan Times) In the wake of Pakistan’s freeing Taliban’s co-founder, former President Hamid Karzai is pinning hope that Mullah Baradar’s release will usher in advancements in peace process in Afghanistan. The former president was also applause for Pakistani government’s decision to free the militant leader from prison, saying it was a positive stride towards consolidating Afghanistan’s fragile peace and reconciliation plan. Karzai reminisced about the efforts during his presidency for the release of senior Taliban leaders, including Mullah Baradar and asserted that the then High Peace Council Chief Salahuddin Rabbani had held a meeting with Mullah Baradar. ‘The release of Mullah Baradar and other Taliban leaders is good news,’ he said, hoping it would help to the maximum in painstaking endeavor to restore lasting peace and bring about unity among Afghans. Mullah Baradar, the former right-hand man of Taliban founder Mullah Omar, was freed from Pakistani detention after more than eight years. Baradar was among several senior Taliban leaders freed this week, following talks between American diplomats and Taliban’s representatives in Qatar earlier this month on finding a negotiated settlement to the decades-old Afghan conflict. The Taliban had also demanded their release in direct talks with Khalilzad on in mid-October. One of the founders of the Taliban movement, Mullah Baradar was arrested …. Read More on menafn

Pakistan, US engaged in pursuing Afghan peace: FO – The News

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Thursday said Pakistan and the US along with other regional stakeholders are engaged in pursuing an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led political settlement in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the weekly press briefing here, the Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said the US Special Representative on Afghan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad visited the region, including Pakistan, a couple of weeks ago. “It is important to reiterate that Pakistan’s cooperation with Afghanistan and the international community to bring about lasting peace in Afghanistan is borne out of our firm belief that a stable Afghanistan is vital for eliminating terrorism inside Pakistan and the region in general,” he said. The spokesman said he has no information on reports that Mulla Baradar has been handed over to the Taliban by the Pakistani …. Read More on The News