About TFPI

About TFPI

TFPI has been registered in UK and Pakistan. TFPI is a network of concerned idealists who want to make a tangible contribution to achieving peace. We promote the use of dialogue and political engagement, backed up by practical interventions to improve people’s lives, as a way of transforming conflict. More »



TFPI promotes practical strategies to help achieve peace. We present these strategies in our own briefings and through materials published in a range of outlets. TFPI network members have published widely and are regularly interviewed in mainstream media. Download a selection of recent writing and media on strategies for peace. More »



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Accord – Incremental peace in Afghanistan – Conciliation Resources

Accord – Incremental peace in Afghanistan – Conciliation Resources

A radical new approach is needed in Afghanistan to build peace step-by-step. There needs to be a move beyond peace rhetoric, through a progressive, step-by-step process towards a political settlement which builds stability, confidence and legitimacy over time. The short-term objective More »

The Taliban’s Battle Plan By Michael Semple – Foreign Affairs

The Taliban’s Battle Plan By Michael Semple – Foreign Affairs

Zalmay Khalilzad, the United States’ envoy for Afghan reconciliation, has breathed new life into attempts to conduct peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Having met with Taliban representatives in More »


Afghanistan- Taliban Urged to Agree on Ceasefire – MENAFN

(MENAFN – Daily Outlook Afghanistan) PUL-I-KHUMRI – The Consultative Peace Jirga representatives from northern Baghlan province have called on the Taliban to agree on a ceasefire with the government.

They expressed the view during a meeting with local government officials here.

Syed Kamal Wardak, one of the representatives, said Taliban’s emphasis on talks showed they were interested in talks.

In Consultative Peace Jirga, we demanded the Taliban to agree to ceasefire and end the ongoing conflict, but they not only rejected it but … Read More on MENAFN

The U.S.’ welcome of China on Afghan peace process headed for win-win results – CGTN

Editor’s note:  Andrew Korybko is a Moscow-based American political analyst. The article reflects the author’s opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

“We welcome the positive role of Russia, China, and any other country in the Afghan peace process”, a U.S. State Department official said on Friday, an unexpected announcement considering the increased trade tensions between the U.S. and China after Washington’s unilateral imposition of hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of tariffs on Chinese imports.

Some might be struggling to make sense of why President Donald Trump would condemn China on trade while one of his diplomats praised it for its role in the Afghan peace process that very same week, but this just proves that pragmatic cooperation between the two countries is still …. Read More on CGTN

Wazhma Frogh’s Crusade for Women’s Participation in Afghan Peace Talks – PassBlue

Wazhma Frogh, an award-winning advocate for Afghan women and girls, said in a recent interview about women’s participation in the current peace talks for her country: It’s a litmus test for the world, what’s going on in Afghanistan. LARA MCKINLEY

Wazhma Frogh is a lifetime campaigner for Afghan women and girls. She co-founded the Women and Peace Studies Organization in Afghanistan in 2011 and is a member of the Afghan Women’s Network. In 2009, the United States State Department granted her the International Women of Courage Award.

Frogh recently spoke with PassBlue through a Facebook Live event during the final days of a national consensus-seeking loya jirga in Afghanistan and a few weeks after a limited political agreement between the US …. Read More on PassBlue

Afghan Taliban Chief Negotiator: ‘US on Verge of Defeat’ – VOA News

ISLAMABAD — The Taliban’s chief negotiator says in newly released remarks that the United States is on the verge of defeat and will quit Afghanistan soon “either of their own accord, or they will be forced out.”

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai made the assertions in an April 28 speech to an “internal gathering” in Doha, Qatar, just two days before he led his team of insurgent negotiators into fresh talks with U.S. interlocutors. Pro-Taliban social media outlets Friday released video of Stanekzai’s speech, one day after the U.S. special reconciliation envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, and his team wrapped up the week-long negotiations with Taliban representatives in the Qatari capital.

In the speech, Stanekzai praised what he called the bravery of the Afghan nation for defeating past British and Soviet invasions of …. Read More on VOA News

Week-Long US-Taliban Talks End Without Breakthrough – VOA News

ISLAMABAD — The Taliban and the United States on Thursday concluded weeklong negotiations in Qatar but reported no significant progress on peace efforts in Afghanistan. 

The talks focused on two issues: U.S. troop withdrawal from the country in return for Taliban assurances that they will not allow terrorists to use Afghan soil to attack other countries, said a spokesman for the insurgent group. 

Suhail Shaheen described what he said was the sixth round of talks as “positive and constructive.” He said “some progress” was made on a preliminary agreement the two sides had reached in their last meeting in early March, covering the issues. 

“Both sides listened to each other with care and patience,” he noted. Shaheen said Taliban and American negotiating teams would … Read More on VOA News

Afghanistan Has Certain Limits For Peace Talks: Rabbani – Tolo News

As the peace efforts are ongoing despite an increasing violence across the country, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani said the legal system of Afghanistan has defined certain limits for engaging into peace talks and national reconciliation process, suggesting caution when it comes to the negotiations with the Taliban who refuse to stop violence and engage in intra-Afghan dialogue.

The US and the Taliban’s talks are ongoing in Doha for more than a week but reports indicate that the two sides have not reached an agreement on the four key issues under debate which are foreign forces withdrawal, counterterrorism assurances, a ceasefire and intra-Afghan talks.

Rabbani said the Afghan government will not negotiate on some principles such as respect and protection of …. Read More on Tolo News

Govt Asked Not To Delay In Forming Negotiating Team – Tolo News

As the peace efforts are gaining momentum despite an increase in violence across the country, a senior member of the Reconciliation Leadership Council called on government to give priority to the formation of the negotiating team as according to him, a limited time has remained for possible talks with the Taliban.

The Reconciliation Leadership Council which was formed by President Ghani earlier in April is comprised of prominent politicians and former Jihadi leaders who have been given the authority to decide on the formation of the negotiating team which will represent the Afghan society in talks with the Taliban. 

“The negotiating team should represent all politicians, the Afghan people and the Afghan government. The limited time which has remained for the … Read More on Tolo News

Ghani Asks Taliban To Respond To Afghans’ Call For Peace – Tolo News

President Ashraf Ghani in a video message on Ramadhan reiterated his call on the Taliban to respond to the demand of Afghans for peace and reconciliation which was reflected at the grand council of 3,200 from around the country.

He said that Ramadhan is a month of peace and reconciliation. 

“I once again call on the Taliban to respect this holy month and address the demand of Afghans for peace and reconciliation which was reflected at the Grand Consultative Jirga for …. Read More on Tolo News