About TFPI

TFPI has been registered in UK and Pakistan. TFPI is a network of concerned idealists who want to make a tangible contribution to achieving peace. We promote the use of dialogue and political engagement, backed up by practical interventions to improve people’s lives, as a way of transforming conflict.

Veterans of the jihad, Khost

TFPI’s main focus is on the long-running conflicts affecting Muslim societies of Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. We also encourage experience-sharing with those engaged in peace-making in other conflict settings. The starting point for TFPI work on conflict is a sound understanding of who is fighting and why.

TFPI activists seek to use this analysis to address causes and work with conflict actors to move towards peaceful resolution.The TFPI network has members active in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as supporters across North America and Europe.

What we do?

  • Dialogue and relationships Conducting dialogue with people involved in conflict, including insurgents, other non-state actors and their supporter.
  • Building up long-term relationships and trust with conflict actors, across the frontlines, especially those who are beyond the reach of conventional diplomacy.
  • Good works Creating opportunities for those involved in conflict to do good, as a way of establishing confidence and building bridges for conflict transformation.
  • Human rights and justice Promoting accountability and the protection of human rights as one element in the transformation of conflict.
  • Crisis intervention Helping like-minded organisations, which work in conflict-affected areas to deal with short term crises which threaten their staff and programmes.
  • Research, analysis and policy Research into the causes, dynamics and consequences of conflict, and the conditions for achieving peaceful transformation.

Publications and Blogs

TFPI promotes practical strategies to help achieve peace. We present these strategies in our own briefings and through materials published in a range of outlets. TFPI network members have published widely and are regularly interviewed in mainstream media. Download a selection of recent writing and media on strategies for peace.

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