The Road to Peace Goes Through Kabul By M. Ashraf Haidari-The Diplomat

The peace process in Afghanistan must be Afghan-led and Afghan-owned

The complexity of global and regional security threats and their convergence in Afghanistan has begun to seriously worry regional and extra-regional stakeholders. Some of these actors have called for stepping up efforts to reinvigorate Afghanistan’s stalled peace process. The Afghan government welcomes any genuine efforts by its immediate and near neighbors, which help put an end to years of imposed war and violence in Afghanistan that daily claim innocent Afghan lives in their cities and villages. Indeed, success in this endeavor will not only stabilize Afghanistan, but will also ensure regional security as a precondition for enabling the Heart of Asia countries to address the ever-growing economic needs and demands of their nations.

The National Unity Government (NUG) is the legitimate, elected government of Afghanistan—representing all Afghans with equal rights under the country’s progressive constitution. The NUG enjoys the support of the Afghan people, who remain a strategic asset in the Read More on The Diplomat….