Op-Ed: A bad deal with Taliban will throw Afghanistan into the pyre – Khaama Press

Finally after almost 18 years of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, the U.S. has now realized that there is no military victory in Afghanistan; therefore negotiating a comprehensive peace deal with Taliban is the key to ending the Afghan war. The Afghan war which has started after the 9/11under the ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ is now the longest war in the U.S. history. It is also called ‘the endless’ or ‘forever war’ of the U.S. The Afghan war has stretched for nearly two decades, taking the lives of tens of thousands of Afghans and more than 3,500 American and coalition forces, and costing billions of dollars.

The U.S has overthrown the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to eradicate militancy in Afghan soil, but on the ground we have witnessed the opposition’s enhancement in terms of military and worsening of security circumstances inside the country which has created certain doubts among Afghans and in the world about the …. Read More on Khaama Press