An End to the “Endless War?” Prospects for Stability and Reconciliation in Afghanistan – brookings

The Brookings Doha Center (BDC) hosted a panel discussion on May 1, 2019 on the prospects for stability, peace, and reconciliation in Afghanistan. The panelists considered recent developments related to the conflict, focusing on the renewed talks between the U.S. government and Taliban leadership. They noted that, in the wake of these recent developments, there is palpable hope regarding the prospects for a peace process in Afghanistan. However, there are also considerable doubts about the prospects for long-term stability in the country, especially given the lack of accountability for alleged atrocities and war crimes.

The panel consisted of a group of distinguished scholars and experts, including: Barnett R. Rubin, senior fellow and associate director at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation; Graeme Smith, consultant at the …. Read More on brookings

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