Three Days of Peace: A Blueprint for Stability in Afghanistan – International Policy Digest

On June 7th, 2018, the government of Afghanistan announced a unilateral ceasefire was to occur between the 12th and 19th of June for Eid al-Fitr, the Islamic holiday marking the end of Ramadan, Islam’s holy month of fasting. The measure was adopted for the first time in four decades of fighting, instability, and unrest. Shortly thereafter, the Taliban agreed to implement a three-day unilateral ceasefire from the 15th until the 17th of June. During the overlapping days between the two ceasefires, the 15th through the 17th, the two sides honored their commitments, halting violence for the first time in 17 years. According to the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Mr. Tadamichi Yamamoto, “Many Afghans reacted with …. Read More on International Policy Digest

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