A hasty US withdrawal from Afghanistan will throw a lifeline to global violent extremism – The Hill

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“Thank you for the Taliban.”

This was said to me wryly, a few years ago by a Somali civil society leader when I mentioned I was a native of Afghanistan. I was in Mogadishu to support the United Nation’s peacebuilding efforts and what I was hearing from her and others is that Al Shabaab, the Islamic militant group that have brought so much turmoil and terror to Somalia, drew inspiration from the Taliban in their mission and methods. I had heard similar comments among local actors, ranging from Syria to Senegal, about the extent to which the lessons of the Taliban insurgency capture the imagination of Islamic militants. In Abuja, for example, authorities noted that Boko Haram is dubbed by some as Nigeria’s Taliban because their conception of an Islamic State in Northern Nigeria was based …. Read More on The Hill