Karzai Sees Moscow Summit As A First Step Towards Peace – Tolo News

Regarding US and Taliban officials’ talks in Qatar, Karzai says the United States has chosen a correct way instead of its “failed war strategy”.

Former president Hamid Karzai says Moscow meeting – which was held on November 9 – was the first and correct step taken for bringing about peace and stability in Afghanistan and in the region.

Talking to Kazakhstan State TV, Karzai said he is optimistic about Russia’s efforts on the Afghan peace process.

Karzai said that although there was no representative from the Afghan government in direct talks between the US officials and Taliban in Qatar, but he hopes such meetings will pave the ground for ending the war in the country.

“In the peace talks in Moscow, which was the first time such a talk was taking place in a major regional capital of the world with the neighbors of Afghanistan all present there including from Kazakhstan and where delegations of the Taliban and delegations of the Afghan Peace Council …. Read More on Tolo News