The peace of the graveyard – The News

The bloodbath that marred the parliamentary elections in Afghanistan was on the horizon. The Taliban had ‘advised’ the people to stay away from the electoral exercise, which in their eyes was part of the present ‘un-Islamic, illegitimate system’ that they are bent upon overthrowing.

With Afghanistan continuing to bleed, Washington goes on treating Islamabad as a whipping boy for the roiled nation’s slough of misery. Although a stable Afghanistan is in the interest of both its neighbours and world powers, its attainment seems like gold dust.

The US-led roadmap to restore peace and order to Afghanistan has been undergirded by three components. First, segregate the militants into the good (those prepared to part ways with Al Qaeda) and the bad (those not prepared to do so). Given the might of the Nato/US troops, the latter would …. Read More on The News