Feature: Ceasefire in Afghanistan raises hopes towards achieving lasting peace – Xinhua Net

KABUL, June 15 (Xinhua) — “We have offered our Eidul Fitr prayers in a peaceful environment today and I am hopeful that the brief ceasefire between the government and the Taliban would turn into a permanent one and finally a lasting peace in the country,” whispered a Kabul resident, Azimullah.

Azimullah, in his 50s, said happily that over the past three decades “this is the first time that the warring sides in Afghanistan observed truce during Eid festival,” allowing people to perform Eid prayers free of fears.

The Afghan government announced a seven-day ceasefire on June 7, which came into effect from June 12 or Ramadan 27, to encourage Taliban outfit to support the national reconciliation …. Read More on Xinhua Net