Defiant Peace in Afghanistan – Pakistan Observer

PAKISTAN and Afghanistan share a complicated history, they remained encircled to the fluctuating geopolitics of a region in which the overhang of conflict looms outsized. The unregulated traffic across a rugged and porous border has been a sticking point and major security concern throughout Pakistan’s foreign policy towards Afghanistan since 1947.
The current Afghan Government has not yet been able to carve out any effective policy towards tackling the ongoing Afghan conflict. Disagreements with the National Unity Government (NUG) are rife. Daesh appears to be seen as far more worst problem than the Afghan Taliban. Both have moved to the North and are fighting in unity. However, in the eastern provinces of Afghanistan, they are fighting each other. Moreover, to counter the influence of Daesh in North, Russia is allegedly arming the local militias to fight the terrorists belonging to Daesh. There is a common view prevailing in Afghanistan that the ordinary Afghan fears Daesh more than the Afghan Taliban. The Taliban operating in Afghanistan are somehow considered to be more cautious to avoid brutality and …. Read More on Pakistan Observer