FEATURE: Young Afghans call for new focus on ‘local peace’ in a city surrounded by war- UN News

UNAMA/PS : Young activists in Kunduz – Habiba Gulustani, Zabihulla Majidi and Wahidullah Rahmani – discuss the prospects for peace in Afghanistan.

Sitting for green tea with Habiba Gulustani and her fellow activists provides a lesson in peace, conflict and patience. With her anxious six-year-old daughter spinning on her lap, she has the added disquiet of knowing that her city – Kunduz – was overrun in 2015 and again briefly in 2016 by insurgents, who still encircle the city. The few small airplanes that land here make a classic “corkscrew” landing – from a high altitude and quickly looping down – as a special precaution against potential ground fire.

 “In the last five years, our hopes for peace have been dashed by war,” said Habiba, 32. “Earlier we had some optimism because of the dialogue established between local elders and … Read More on UN News