April 27, 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of the start of war in Afghanistan. This coming October, the United States will mark 17 years on the ground there.  It is past time for this conflict to end and even the Taliban seems to be coming around to that sad conclusion.  The Taliban made a peace offer to the United States, President Ghani countered with an open-ended offer, local Taliban leaders have reached out to their opposite numbers on the ground, and most importantly, there have been spontaneous peace demonstrations in nearly half of Afghanistan’s provinces.  The people, as usual, are out in front of their leaders.

Convergence is the phenomenon that charts the networking and transformation of illicit networks, like the Taliban.[i] It is a widespread phenomenon and has created dysfunctional dynamics across the globe, from the FARC in Colombia to Hezbollah in the Levant to insurgents in the Philippines and …. Read More on Small wars journal