Transparent Elections Key to Afghanistan’s Stability: Abdullah – Tolo News

Addressing a forum in Washington the CEO said the government and election commissions are trying hard to regain the public’s trust in elections.

CEO Abdullah Abdullah has said that timely and fair  elections in Afghanistan would have a significant impact on the peace and security in the country.

Abdullah, who is in Washington, also called for more solid and comprehensive efforts to be made to ensure that the next elections are held on time and in a transparent way.

The government and the independent election commission is trying to regain public trust in elections by holding transparent and well organized polls, Abdullah said in a speech at the Special Operations Policy Forum in Washington.

“The electoral reform process started unfortunately a bit late,” he said.

However he added that the election law was now in place.

“Then there is the independent election commission of Afghanistan and the independent elections complaints commission which are in…. Read more on Tolo News