UN says at least 10 civilians died in Afghanistan airstrike, contradicting US – The Guardian

  • Pentagon insists no civilians died in bombing of Kunduz on Saturday
  • UN mission: ‘Credible reports that at least 10 civilians’ killed in airstrike

Protest agaAfghan civilians hold pictures of the victims and damages caused by US airstrikes, during a protest in Kunduz, Afghanistan, on Wednesday. Photograph: Najim Raheem/EPA

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan said at least 10 civilians may have been killed by an airstrike in the northern city of Kunduz last week, despite a US military investigation that found no civilian deaths.

In a series of messages on Twitter, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said interviews with multiple survivors, medics, elders and others gave it strong reason to believe that civilians were among…. Read More on  The Guardian