Facilitating peace process in Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s national interest – Daily Times

Pakistan must re-imagine itself as a regional trade leader rather than a revisionist state. In this day and age, economic growth and prosperity define national power rather than the readiness for war

During his election campaign, President Trump had vowed to end the foreign wars and redirect the resources towards domestic needs such as infrastructure development. He seems to have reversed his position by announcing that more troops will be sent to win the war. In his speech, Trump was tough on Pakistan accusing it of providing havens to ‘terrorists’ who kill US soldiers. He also asked India, a rising South Asian power, for assistance in resolving the Afghanistan imbroglio. In essence, President Trump has introduced another layer of uncertainty in the Afghan conflict.

Fifteen years after Operation Enduring Freedom commenced, the Taliban in Afghanistan remain a formidable force and no solution of Afghanistan’s future …. Read More on Daily Times