McCain’s formula – DAWN

REPUBLICAN Senator John McCain has delivered a stinging rebuke to US President Donald Trump by unveiling his own strategy for America’s military success in Afghanistan. The former presidential candidate’s avowal that “America is adrift in Afghanistan” cannot be faulted.

Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Trump have all contributed to making a mess of the conflict in Afghanistan — largely because of their inaction, miscalculations and shifting strategies. For reasons best known to him, Bush fell for the murky advice that the mission would be accomplished within weeks.

Under his watch, the CIA dished out bags of dollars to anti-Taliban commanders and political figures, but their fickle loyalties did not help the US military in any perceptible manner. His muddled approach saw American soldiers perilously slide into mission creep and take unexpectedly high casualties.

After his inauguration in January 2009, president Obama repeatedly pledged a responsible end to the military… Read More on Dawn