Cobbling new Afghan policy: Trump’s dilemmas – Pakistan Observer

LIKE other areas of foreign policy, thought process of President Trump’s administration about Afghanistan and South Asia is erratic and chaotic. Unless there is a bold course correction with regard to American end objectives in Afghanistan, there is no likelihood of Afghanistan getting any better. So far discernable American military objective is to keep 10-15000 combat ready personnel in Afghanistan who should appear helping Afghan government overcome country wide insurgency with an actual be’ prepared mission’ to be ready to handle contingencies in South Asia and may be Central Asia as well. To nurture supportive environment for a peaceful Afghanistan is not an American military’s priority, at least for the time being. The US may feel contended with nominal control on urban centres while letting rural centres rot in a state of lawlessness. And a weak Afghan government and unmanaged Afghan borders are important tools in achieving this objective.
The silver lining is that President Trump has not reconciled with the US military’s objectives in Afghanistan, he is interested in winning the Afghan war. He is quite skeptic of haunting US involvement in foreign wars and is not keen in open ended military deployments…. Read More on Pakistan Observer