Women’s participation in local government essential, panellists say at UN-backed event – Relief Web

KABUL – Afghan women must be part of decision-making processes in local government for improved access to basic services, said panellists during a UN-backed symposium in Kabul last week.

The event brought together 15 women from across the central province to engage in a public debate with the director of Kabul’s Department of Women’s Affairs, a member of the Provincial Council and the Gender Advisor to Kabul’s Governor. The discussion was recorded for later broadcast through Kabul’s Radio Zafar to an audience estimated at 700,000 people.

Organized by the Kabul regional office of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAM), the symposium created a platform for panellists to discuss the challenges women face in the central region and to debate the best strategies to address them.

Freshta Farah, head of the Department of Women’s Affairs, opened the discussion by outlining how provincial officials are trying to improve women’s access to services, including healthcare and education, and facilitate their employment in decision-making positions in the government.

“We are trying to provide a friendly environment for female staff,” said. “But in order for women to play a more effective role, there is a need to expand capacity-development programmes.”

Following opening remarks, members of the audience offered comments and asked questions, highlighting several issues, in particular the education system, which many audience members… Read More on Relief Web