Building peace in Kandahar’s communities the focus of new radio series – Relief Web

KANDAHAR – In the southern region of Afghanistan, the UN is working on a new initiative to leverage the power of local radio to build support for peace among Kandahar’s communities.

The new radio series, supported by the Kandahar regional office of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), is designed to foster discussions around strategies to build peace in an area of the country where the conflict has taken an especially heavy toll on normal life.

The country’s southern provinces have suffered some of the deadliest fighting in Afghanistan during the past 10 years, leaving behind damaged infrastructure and displacing thousands of families.

One stark example of the conflict can be found in Uruzgan province, located about 500 kilometres southwest of Kabul, where only a handful of schools remain open. Fewer than ten schools are fully functional there, and those are located in the relative safety of Tirin Kot, Uruzgan’s capital. Some three hundred schools have been closed by insurgents operating in the province.

In the five southern provinces, where educational facilities and government services have fallen prey to heavy fighting, there are more than 30 independent radio outlets and four private…  Read More on ReliefWeb