IS emergence in Afghanistan – Pakistan Observer

THE so-called Islamic State (IS or Daesh) is a militant organisation which is successor to Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and is involved in terrorist activities in Iraq, Syria Middle East and other regions of Europe, Africa, South and South East Asia. Afghanistan’s political instability, poor economy and weak security apparatus has provided breeding grounds for IS to establish its foothold in Afghanistan. Since 2014, IS has taken advantage of security vacuum in Afghanistan and has gained grounds in Afghanistan especially in the Nangarhar Province and also along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border.
The branch of the IS active in Afghanistan calls itself as the IS of Khorasan province (ISKP). The IS in Afghanistan was formed by former Taliban defectors and other local factions who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. IS differs from Taliban in their ideology, mode of strategy and area of influence, etc. IS is considered as an outside force in Afghanistan because of its lack of respect for Afghanhistory and its policy of extreme brutality with the local people in Afghanistan. US General John Nicholas, the top commander of US and NATO troops… Read More on Pakistan Observer