Lack of political solution to factional conflicts cause of Afghan division, instability – The Nation

WASHINGTON: Lack of political solution to factional conflicts lies at the heart of Afghan problem as with no effective systems for sharing authority, power-brokers lack mutual trust needed to build peace in the war-torn country, analysts said.

In spite of international intervention for nearly sixteen years, the country is still facing insurgency with a gradual but steady deterioration in security. President Trump is expected to announce a troops surge with an addition of up to 5,000 US soldiers to the 8,500 already there.

While the addition of troops may be critical to strengthen the government’s position against Taliban and ISIS, it will not “win” the war, according to an article by Alex Their, an analyst and a former senior US official working in Afghanistan, and Scott Worden, director of Afghanistan and Central Asia Programs for the US Institute of Peace. Published in the online magazine, The Hill, the two analysts argued that lack of a political solution to the factional conflicts… Read More on The Nation