Afghan-Pakistan mechanisms introduced by China key to regional reconciliation –

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Afghanistan and Pakistan from June 24 to 25, as China takes over the rotating presidency of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This is the first time that a top Chinese official visited South-Central Asia since Pakistan joined the SCO. One of the important purposes of this visit was to improve relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and mediate in the Afghan reconciliation process.

Over the past year, the relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan continued to deteriorate, with armed conflict breaking out along the border. The core dispute is over countering the Taliban in Afghanistan. Promoting the reconciliation process has become the most significant work of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

The deadly explosion in the capital of Kabul on May 31 was the most serious terrorist attack against civilians since international forces led by the US entered Afghanistan in 2001.

After this attack, Afghanistan hosted an international conference named “Kabul Process,” where Ghani publicly denounced Pakistan’s support of armed insurgents in Afghanistan. This public statement was an extreme diplomatic measure.

Pakistan’s foreign office responded, “The onus of setbacks and failures in Afghanistan should not be blamed on Pakistan. Mere rhetoric of blaming others to hide their failures in … Read More on Global Times