No strategy of US could succeed in Afghanistan without including Pakistan – Saama TV

WASHINGTON: According to an op-ed piece in the New York Times by Stephen J Hadley, who was the national security adviser from 2005 to 2009, the United States’ policy in Afghanistan would not succeed without cutting off Pakistan’s alleged ties to the Afghan Taliban and including the Islamic republic in the peace process. 

The piece mentioned how it was understandable that some elements in the United States wanted conditions imposed on Pakistan’s aid but such measures would only prove to be a setback to America’s own policy in the region.

“The trouble is that such “sticks” are unlikely to change Pakistan’s behavior, because its existential concerns are tied to broader regional priorities. To get Pakistan to alter its approach in Afghanistan, the United States must understand and address Pakistan’s strategic anxieties,” read the article.

The article further said that leaders in Pakistan were vary of growing Indian influence in Afghanistan as a means to squeeze Pakistan from the other side.

“India has stepped up security assistance in recent years, including military equipment, to bolster the Afghan security forces against the Taliban. Other Indian efforts, like … Read More on Saama TV