The Afghan Surge Trump Needs (The Pentagon wants more troops. But it’s the mission that matters.)-Politico Magazine


In the middle of everything else, President Donald Trump is expected to decide on his strategy for Afghanistan soon. The Pentagon wants more troops, and it’s not clear what the president will decide. Trump has said so little about America’s longest-running conflict that he has left us few clues about his intentions.

Countless strategies have emerged over the course of America’s longest war, now in its sixteenth year. None has worked. More than a dozen international terrorist groups operate along both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The Afghan security forces have fought bravely but lack adequate air power, leadership, retention rates and coalition support to stem the tide of a resurgent Taliban, which now controls more ground than at any point since 2001. Just last month, Taliban fighters managed to get through seven police checkpoints to a military base in Balkh where they slaughtered more than 150… Read More on Politico Magazine