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China, Afghanistan, Pakistan agree to maintain regional peace, stability –

China, Afghanistan and Pakistan are all committed to maintaining regional peace and stability, enhancing regional connectivity and economic cooperation and promoting shared security and development, according to a trilateral joint statement released on Sunday.

The joint press release by the three countries came after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s shuttle diplomacy in Afghanistan and Pakistan that concluded Sunday.

It said that both Pakistan and Afghanistan “are willing to improve relations with each other, strengthen political mutual trust, enhance cooperation in various fields including counter-terrorism, and jointly meet security challenges.”

According to the statement, Afghanistan and Pakistan has agreed to establish a crisis management mechanism, which will include prevention through timely and effective intelligence and information sharing and other mutually agreed measures. “This would enable the two sides to maintain timely and effective communications in case of emergencies, including terrorist attacks,” it said.

The three parties also agreed to establish the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ dialogue mechanism to cooperate on issues of… Read More on

China brings Pakistan, Afghanistan closer – The Nation

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan and Afghanistan inched towards peace on Sunday as China intervened to end the tension between the two Muslim-majority countries.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Afghanistan and Pakistan from June 24 to 25th as part of Beijing’s peace efforts on the invitation of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The three parties condemned the recent terrorist attacks that occurred in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and extended condolences to the deceased and expressed sympathy with the affected people, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The three parties had in-depth exchange of views on the Afghan issue, the relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan and the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan trilateral … Read More on The Nation

China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Agree To Dialogue Mechanism -TOLO News

Afghanistan and Pakistan will maintain timely and effective communications for counter-terrorism and other emergencies.

China, Afghanistan and Pakistan have agreed to form a foreign minister’s dialogue mechanism, said a joint statement issued by the three foreign ministries.

This comes after China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Afghanistan and Pakistan over the weekend.

During this visit the three sides held in-depth discussions on the situation in Afghanistan, the relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan and China-Afghanistan-Pakistan trilateral cooperation.

According to the statement, the three sides reached consensus on the following points:

1. The three parties are committed to maintaining regional peace and stability, enhancing regional connectivity and economic cooperation and promoting shared security and development.

2. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan are willing to improve relations with each other, strengthen political mutual trust, enhance cooperation in various fields including counter-terrorism, and jointly meet…. Read More on Tolo News

How the two-faceted mindset of moderate Muslims ends up aiding militancy and terrorism – The Express Tribune

Afghan alleged former Taliban fighters carry their weapons before handing them over as part of a government peace and reconciliation process at a ceremony in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. PHOTO: AFP

In recent years, there have been growing concerns that Islam’s major problem, as well as the world’s, is Islamic radicalisation, since Islam is one of the major and fastest growing religions of the world. These concerns are being voiced in various countries and have yielded various reactions ranging from apologetic defence (whereby some of the western liberals interpret it as a ‘reaction’ to the US hegemony) to outright xenophobia.

Radicalisation is a major problem and there is no question about its lethal potential to inflict harm in the form of religious extremism and terrorism. However, though present, it is not as widespread in the Islamic world as is often projected by the media. If a major section of Muslims was actually radicalised, the situation…. Read More on The Express Tribune

Afghan president calls upon Taliban to join peace process – Xinhua Net

KABUL, June 25 (Xinhua) — Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani once again called upon Taliban militants on Sunday to give up fighting and join the peace and national reconciliation process.

“If you are Afghans you should join the peace process to help stabilize peace and security in the country,” President Ghani said in his message after performing Eid prayer in Presidential Palace.

The president also warned the Taliban fighters by saying that “you (Taliban) don’t have more time and your supporters are alone and you will also be alone.”

However, the president didn’t… Read More on Xinhua Net

Wang Yi Talks about Shuttle Diplomacy towards Pakistan and Afghanistan – FMPRC

On June 25, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, after concluding his visit to Pakistan, made the remarks on shuttle diplomacy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan at a press conference with Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz of Pakistan.

Wang Yi said that from June 24 to 25, I visited Afghanistan and Pakistan upon invitation. In addition to promoting the development of Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, I had a vital task on mediation at the two countries’ request to promote the improvement of bilateral relations and support the Afghan reconciliation process.

Wang Yi stressed that China never interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, never imposes China’s will on others and never involves in geopolitical rivalry. However, we are willing to give friends a helping hand when they are in needs. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan hope China play its role, reflecting the high trust towards China. During the visit, after having candid and in-depth talks with the leaders of the two countries and listening to the views of two parties, we reached broad consensus and issued a joint press communiqué among China, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The trilateral press communiqué has five core consensus:First, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan are willing to jointly safeguard regional peace and stability, strengthen cooperation in connectivity and economy and promote common…. Read More on FMPRC

TTP and Jamat-ul-Ahrar target Pakistan from their bases in Afghanistan – ARY News

NEW YORK: Pakistan told the 15 member UN Security Council that Taliban “safe havens” are inside Afghanistan not outside, given that large areas of that country are now under the Taliban’s control.

Speaking in the debate on Afghanistan, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi said that the resilience of the insurgency in Afghanistan cannot be explained away by convenient references to external “safe havens” or “support centers”.

Pakistan, she asserted, is committed not to allow its territory to be used for terrorism against other countries. Pakistan’s successive military operations had eliminating all terrorist and militant groups from its tribal territory bordering Afghanistan.

She told the Council that Pakistan is “implementing border controls, including the fencing and monitoring of vulnerable sections of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.”

In response to some provocative remarks by … Read More on ARY News

Pak-US continued cooperation critical for promoting regional peace, security: FO – Dispatch New Desk

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan has said that its continued cooperation with the United States is critical for promoting peace and security in the region and beyond.

While responding to a question at his weekly media briefing in Islamabad on Thursday that the US reportedly plans to review its policy towards Pakistan, the Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakariya said that Pakistan attaches great importance to its relations with the United States which are longstanding.

The spokesman said that we believe continued cooperation between the two Countries is critical for promoting peace and security in the region and beyond.

Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan is carrying out operations against terrorists without any discrimination, adding that these operations are driven by the national interests. He said that Pakistan will not allow its…. Read More on Dispatch New Desk