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Afghanistan conundrum – Pakistan Observer

THE current, hard line approach adopted by the Afghan government has little or no chance of success unless a comprehensive approach, including a political reconciliation process, is adopted. The prospects for a political settlement of Afghan conflict could be more promising if all stakeholders understand that military means could hardly make a big breakthrough. The obstacles in establishing a peace process are numerous such as contradicting terms for peace talks, insufficiency of political will, the competing interests of various parties, grave disagreement among major ethnic groups in Afghanistan, and unclear policies of the US and major powers in the region. Though these obstacles are major road blocks, yet achieving a successful but durable peace is the only option to the war-torn Afghanistan.
There is a combination of factors, some internal and other external, which are responsible for the current security landscape in Afghanistan. A few factors … Read More on Pakistan Observer


Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan and ready to support all efforts towards this end.

This was stated by National Security Adviser said that Nasser Janjua while talking to British High Commissioner Thomas Drew in Islamabad on Friday.

Two sides discussed prevailing security situation in the region with special reference to security situation in Afghanistan and status of Pak-India relations. Both sides condemned and expressed condolence on recent bomb attack in Kabul.

Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran Mehdi Honardoost also… Read More on Radio Pakistan

Afghan security needs urgent attention in wake of blast – Global Times China

A suicide blast ripped through the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, Afghanistan Wednesday, causing at least 90 deaths and hundreds of injuries, according to media reports. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the explosion as an “inhuman and cowardly attack” against innocent civilians. The Taliban denied involvement and there has been no claim of responsibility for the attack so far.

Despite anti-terrorism operations, Afghanistan’s security situation allows no optimism. The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) documented 2,181 civilian casualties in the first quarter of 2017. “It is civilians, with increasing numbers of women and children, who far too often bear the brunt of the conflict,” said UNAMA head Tadamichi Yamamoto.

Apart from civilian casualties and devastating effects on the country’s economy and politics, the turbulence will for sure negatively affect cooperation, peace and stability in the whole region, considering Afghanistan’s geopolitical advantages as a transportation hub for central, south and west Asia. Thus, the… Read More on Global Times China

Clouds of third Afghan war?- Daily Times Pakistan

Muslim rebel

No words are enough to condemn the dastardly truck bombing in Kabul that took at least 80 lives and left hundreds wounded, some of them fatally.

The huge blast shook the Afghan capital at a time when the US is still weighing options as to whether sending more troops will contain and halt the spate of violence from the Taliban’s ‘Operation Mansoori’, although the insurgents denied their involvement in the abhorred incident.

The latest attack, preceded by a suicide bombing in Helmand with at least 18 casualties on May 27, underscores several bitter ground realities.

Firstly, these attacks expose the fragility of the security landscape. Regardless of the Taliban denial the bombing in the Green Zone does highlight the ability of militants – whether Taliban or Daesh – to strike even in the most guarded parts of the capital.

Secondly, the surge in violence and shrinking government writ raise questions about the ability of the Afghan defence forces and… Read More on Daily Times Pakistan

Afghanistan to hold international peace conference – PAK Tribune

ISLAMABAD: Afghanistan will hold an international conference on peace, security and reconciliation next week in Kabul at a time when Taliban insurgents have intensified fighting and killed dozens of policemen over the past few days, a senior Afghan diplomat said on Monday.

Zardasht Shams, deputy head of the mission at the Afghan Embassy in Islamabad, said nearly 20 countries have been invited to the conference on June 6.

“The Kabul Process meeting will be held by the instructions of the President (Dr Ashraf Ghani) to bring various processes/meetings on Afghanistan under one umbrella,” Shams told reporters.

He said anti-terrorism cooperation is also one of the key issues to be discussed by senior diplomats and officials.

A Pakistani official said Pakistan will … Read More on PAK Tribune 

Community leaders in Afghanistan’s west debate prospects for peace – MILTECH

FARAH – At a UN-backed, three-day symposium, leaders from across the western province of Farah debated ways to enhance prospects for peace and reconciliation in their communities.

The event, organized by the Farah regional office of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), drew more than 50 elders, scholars, government officials, civil society representatives and journalists to develop concrete steps toward local-level reconciliation and lasting peace.“No one in Farah is in favour of conflict or hostility because it takes life and destroys our culture,” said… Read More on MILTECH