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Reconciliation in Afghanistan

“As the Obama administration develops and implements its revised strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan, a principle topic of debate is -reconciliation–how to deal politically with Taliban and other insurgents who are not pursuing al-Qaeda’s global objectives in search of a political solution. Michael Semple brings to bear a wealth of practical experience on the ground in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has spoken in-depth with more insurgent commanders than virtually any international official, and his long service in the region has equipped him with the knowledge, language skills, and personal networks to analyze such contacts in depth. The result is the most detailed and knowledgeable road map to date for how to pursue dialogue and negotiation with Taliban and other Islamist guerrillas in the area that are today sheltering the leadership of al-Qaeda.”

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—Barnett R. Rubin, Director of Studies and Senior Fellow, Center on International Cooperation, New York University