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Ulema Condemns Farah Clash And Briefs On Indonesia Conference – Tolo News

Ulema Council members said that participants at the Indonesia conference supported President Ashraf Ghani’s peace offer.

Afghan Ulema council on Tuesday condemned the attack on Farah at a press briefing on the Indonesia trilateral conference (Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan religious scholars meeting on peace) and called the war brutal. 

“A brutal war is going on in Farah province, we strictly condemn all attacks in Nangarhar and other parts of the country and terrorists do not belong to any tribe, language, country or religion,” said Mawlavi Mohammad Qasim Halimi Ulema council member and …. Read More on Tolo News

Afghanistan-Pakistan Finalize Joint Action Plan for Peace – Tolo News

The plan was agreed to in April during the Pakistani prime minister’s meeting with President Ashraf Ghani in April.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Tuesday said that diplomats from Afghanistan and Pakistan have wrapped up their fourth meeting in Islamabad on the joint action plan between the two countries.

The plan is known as the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS).

Pakistan and Afghanistan agreed to draw up a plan in April following Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s trip to Kabul where he held …. Read More on Tolo News

The Afghan Peace Process: An FAQ – The Diplomat

Image Credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan

M. Ashraf Haidari, Director-General of Policy & Strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, has been intimately involved in the Afghan peace process. Below, he answers the most commonly asked questions about the latest developments.

What is the main purpose of the Kabul Process for Peace and Security Cooperation?

President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah re-launched the Kabul Process in June 2017. The principal purpose of the process is to ensure an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned, inclusive peace process where we are fully in the driver’s seat to address the multiple dimensions of ongoing war and violence in Afghanistan. But we know this is impossible without results-driven regional and international cooperation. Since its re-launch, the Kabul Process has been recognized as an overarching platform, under which all other peace initiatives and efforts take place to support Afghanistan in our quest for genuine, lasting peace. Because the success of the process hinges on sincere regional ….. Read More on The Diplomat 

Afghan government fully endorses Ulemas declaration in Indonesia – Khaama Press

The Afghan government declared full support to the declaration of the religious scholars issued at the end of the religious conference in Indonesia on Friday.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said the Afghan government welcomes the stance, clarification, and decision of the religious scholars declared by the Ulemas and urges the Ulemas of the other Islamic countries to play their roles to end terrorism, extremism, and help in maintaining peace and stability.

The statement further adds that the Afghan government thanks the Indonesian government, president, and people for hosting the conference and hails the Pakistani Ulemas … Read More on Khaama Press

Suicide attacks violate Islamic principles, say influential Muslim scholars – Independent

Seventy prominent Muslim scholars declare violent extremism and terrorism, including suicide attacks, are against Islamic principles, in an effort to convince the Taliban to end its violence

Islamic scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia attend the meeting in Bogor AP

Muslim scholars have declared that violent extremism and terrorism, including suicide attacks, are against Islamic principles, in an effort to convince the Taliban to lay down its weapons.

Seventy prominent Muslim scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia issued the fatwa, during a conference discussion on ways to achieve peace and stability in…. Read More on Independent 

70 scholars from Pakistan, Afghanistan & Indonesia issue fatwa against extremism, suicide attacks –

An Afghan security forces mamber stands guard at the site of a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan April 22, 2018. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

West Java: Seventy scholars from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia issued a fatwa on Friday during a conference in Indonesia against violent extremism and terrorism and said they violate the principles of Islam.

According to sources, the scholars from three Muslim nations gathered at the presidential palace in the city of Bogor in West Java to discuss ways to stop the bloodshed in Afghanistan.

Sources have quoted the declaration as stating “We reaffirm that violence and terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group, as violent extremism and terrorism in all its forms and manifestation including violence against civilians and suicide attacks are…. Read More on

Indonesia Conference A Good Chance For Taliban: Ghani – Tolo News

The Presidential Palace said government welcomes the stance taken by religious scholars at the Indonesia conference.

President Ashraf Ghani said that Afghan, Pakistani and Indonesian religious scholars’ joint conference in Jakarta is a good chance for the Taliban, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Sunday. 

According to the statement the government of Afghanistan welcomes the religious scholar’s stance, clarity and decision.

Ghani called on other scholars of the Islamic world to play a pivotal role in maintaining peace and eliminating terrorism, the statement said.

The president has endorsed such meetings of religious scholars to end the imposed battle of Afghanistan and for …. Read More on Tolo News

HPC Positive About Indonesia Peace Meeting – Tolo News

High Peace Council officials said they achieved what they hoped for at last week’s Ulema conference in Indonesia.

Officials from Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) on Sunday said they were optimistic about the outcome of a conference of religious scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia last week.

We have achieved what we were expecting out of the conference, said the HPC

According to HPC officials, clerics from the three nations declared the militants war against the Afghan government as illegitimate and said all sides agreed to work together with Islamic scholars in the region and in the world to bring about peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Religious scholars from Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan on Friday issued a declaration on the war and peace in Afghanistan and … Read More on Tolo News