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Expert perspective on what should Americans do for the mission going on in Afghanistan

SiriusXM Satellite Radio – Interview on Stand Up! w/ Pete Dominick


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Taliban Leaders Admit ‘Mea Culpa,’ Get Serious About Peace Talks

Afghanistan After ISAF

Roundtable Discussion on the Future of Afghanistan Held in Budapest

ICDT Hungary Seminar on Afghanistan’s Future, January 2012

ICDT Hungary Seminar on Afghanistan’s Future, January 2012



In Their Sights – Four Corners


A Four Corners team investigates both the merits and the risks of the “kill-capture” campaign. Its proponents claim that the strategy has been successful in killing enemy commanders, but several missions involving elite Australian soldiers have gone horribly wrong, killing “friendly” local leaders and civilians.

Afghanistan Civil War? CNN


Nic Robertson talks to three experts who fear as NATO’s end game approaches, Afghanistan teeters towards civil war.

Negotiating with the Taliban


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Negotiating with the Taliban? What about the War? At a recent conference in London, broad international support was expressed for the reintegration of Taliban fighters into Afghan society and President Karzai has already opened the door to those who would lay down their weapons. Is it time to negotiate with the Taliban?

Should the U.S. Be Talking to the Taliban-PBS NewsHour


Even as the U.S. ramps up its military campaign in Afghanistan, American and Afghan officials are pursuing political solutions to reconcile with the Taliban and end eight years of violence. Though Taliban leaders say they aren’t open to negotiation, Afghan and U.N. officials have forged ahead with private talks.

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Halifax International Security Forum 2009 Afghanistan: Transition to What?

[youtube]C437C071B62244EF[/youtube] Series: Halifax International Security Forum 2009

Afghanistan: Transition to What?

The German Marshall Fund

Program Information:

Title: Afghanistan: Transition to What?

Location: Halifax, Canada, Halifax International Security Forum

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