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Accord – Incremental peace in Afghanistan – Conciliation Resources

A radical new approach is needed in Afghanistan to build peace step-by-step. There needs to be a move beyond peace rhetoric, through a progressive, step-by-step process towards a political settlement which builds stability, confidence and legitimacy over time. The short-term objective More »

Afghanistan-Pakistan Finalize Joint Action Plan for Peace - Tolo News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Tuesday said that diplomats from Afghanistan and Pakistan have wrapped up their fourth meeting in Islamabad on the joint action plan between the More »


New initiatives for Afghan peace – The News

The recent ceasefire in Afghanistan rekindles hopes for peace, thanks to the convergence of interests among the US, the Afghan government and Pakistan

It was endearing for many to see the vivid images of Afghans hugging, embracing and posing for photos with Taliban insurgents in the wake of a three-day ceasefire, as announced by the Taliban, which went into effect from June 15 to 17. Earlier, the Afghan government had announced to cease operations against Taliban for eight days that ran from June 12-19.

The countrywide truce was the first ever of its kind since the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Hopes were high that perhaps a permanent peace was not a distant dream.

Apparently, the ceasefire came about thanks to the convergence of interests among the US, the Afghan government and Pakistan. The increasing casualties of Afghan soldiers, policemen… Read More on The News

Saudi Imams pray for peace in Afghanistan – Pajhwok

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Imam of Harmain Sharifain, in his Friday sermon, prayed for lasting peace in Afghanistan, the Saudi media reported on Saturday.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais presented extended greetings to all Muslims and emphasised the enforcement of the Islamic law and promotion of Muslim brotherhood.

The Imam prayed for Afghanistan’s stability, wishing the Afghans all success in bringing peace to their country –wrecked by …. Read More on Pajhwok

HPC welcomes Saudi support for reconciliation effort – pajhwok

KABUL (Pajhwok): The High Peace Council (HPC) on Saturday commended Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud’s support for reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, King Salman hoped for the continuation of Afghan peace efforts. He promised the kingdom would continue to support peace and political reconciliation in Afghanistan.

In a statement, HPC said: “We also thank Imams of Haramain Sharifain for their historic sermons in support…. Read More on pajhwok

There’s a New ‘Opportunity’ to Talk Peace With the Taliban – The Daily Beast

A cease-fire in Kabul and encouraging words from Washington have convinced current and former officials that there’s an opening for negotiations.

After 17 years of war, there’s an opportunity to negotiate an end to the grueling conflict in Afghanistan, multiple U.S. government advisers and former officials told The Daily Beast. But they have substantial doubts that the Trump administration will capitalize on it.

Earlier this month, the Taliban showed, for the first time in the war, that they could order and enforce a cease-fire. And publicly, the Trump administration has proclaimed its desire to see some sort of peace talks move forward.

But those advisers told The Daily Beast that the administration remains internally divided over who should talk with the Taliban—and whether and …. Read More on The Daily Beast

Saudi Arabia backs cease-fire in Afghanistan, suggesting new role in quest for peace – Washington Post

Afghans who have been traveling across the country on foot calling for an end to the war arrived in the capital this week. (Hedayatullah Amid/Epa-Efe/Shutterstock)

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia threw its weight behind the Afghan government’s attempts to kindle a peace process with the Taliban this week, reflecting growing international pressure to bring Afghanistan’s long war to a negotiated end.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Saudi government said King Salman supported Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s recent cease fire with the Taliban, the militant group that has continued to pose an existential threat to the Afghan state despite 17 years of … Read More on Washington Post

OIC, MWL welcome Saudi support for Afghan peace – Arab News

King Salman welcomes Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to Riyadh in 2017. (SPA)

  • The MWL also hailed the statement issued by King Salman in this regard
  • On Wednesday, King Salman expressed his hope that Afghanistan would extend the truce that was announced at the end of Ramadan

JEDDAH: Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen has hailed the great interest paid by King Salman to the affairs of the Islamic world and Muslims.

Al-Othaimeen praised the statement issued by the royal court on the truce agreement reached between the Afghan government and the Taliban and stressed its importance.

The Muslim World League also hailed the wise decision through the … Read More on Arab News

Afghanistan’s surprise ceasefire celebrations raise hopes for peace – The Nation

KABUL – Extraordinary scenes of Afghan Taliban and security forces spontaneously celebrating a historic ceasefire showed many fighters on both sides are fed up with fighting, analysts say, raising hopes for peace in a country ravaged by war.

The jubilant response to the first truce between the Afghan government and the Taliban over the Eid holiday took many by surprise, although observers warn that an end to the nearly 17-year conflict is still a long way off.

“It is difficult to predict what the next move might be, but the spell has been broken,” Afghan political analyst Ghulam Sakhi Ehsani told AFP. “From all the photos and videos, it seems … Read More on The Nation

Resumption of Afghan peace talks on the cards – The Express Tribune


ISLAMABAD: After a break of almost three years, direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are expected to resume soon, officials and diplomatic sources in knowledge of the development said on Tuesday.

Preliminary talks between Afghan officials and Taliban representatives are thought to have already taken place at an undisclosed location. Officials of some other countries also attended the crucial parleys.

Afghan government’s peace offer

“The Eid-ul-Fitr ceasefire announced by both the Afghan government and the Taliban was a result of those initial contacts,” said officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

It was for the first time since the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan that the Taliban had announced a ceasefire. In an unprecedented …. Read more on The Express Tribune